Sunday, October 08, 2006 - Social Fashion Styling


Fine, match, and get!
FishMatch is an another brand-new social networking site, specializing for fashion! The site lets you to choose items like tops, bottoms, and shoes, by brand (including Juicy Couture!), style and fit. Once you find great outfit all togeter, you publish the match to public. What makes this site social about is that everybody can view your match and rate it. The screenshot here shows the site UI, with my match - Juicy Couture top and necklace, Blue Cult denim, with Marc Jacobs pumps. You can also purchase the outfit from the site. (The grand total of the style is $3244, by the way!)

Honestly, I love the whole idea about this site but I'd say the UI is not designed really well, and causes pretty bad usability and user experiences. It took me a while to figure out how to work around, and actually spent a long time to create just one match. The each process is painfully slow because the page needs to load each time you make each request. This can be improved if they implement JavaScript/Ajax efficiently. But hey, it is still in Beta! I hope to see some great improvement for next release!

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