Friday, June 16, 2006

Social Shopping List


It seems like an another big wave of Internet trend has been around (but hope this is not like the late-90s dot-com crap), the social-networking sites have been massive success (though I hate MySpace), "tagging" has been everywhere, and I started hearing news about new startups all the time.

Today, I've read about this "a collaborative shopping community" called Stylehive, whose office is located here in San Francisco. Though this site has so much more to be improved, the idea and look-and-feel of the site are something I can relate.

Browsing the tags like manolo makes me want them really want them. Bad for me, but this fits perfectly as we live in the material world.

(This blog entry was originally written on June 16 for my other blog and copied it on Blogger on Sept.27)