Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gmail Mobile App

It's faster than Gmail mobile web and you can view attachments too!

View demo on web (on PC)

I feel that we (people here, in the US) are so behind of mobile technology, compared to Europe and Asia. Though we all have heard of the new term, "Mobile 2.0", I believe most of us don't get much benefit of because we are so stuck with phone provider's own business models (providing customers locked phones and charging fees for whatever services). I am hoping soon we are able to get some descent Wifi-enable mobile phones cheap and enjoy so-called Mobie 2.0, without worrying bills.
(BTW I just missed Mobile 2.0 Conferene here in SF... Stupid me.)

BTW, I was excite about that YouTube on Mobile, but I found out that they are in the process with Verizon (source: Mashable!). Verizon wil charge $15 per month for this service. Like I just mention, we are stuck with the providers plans.

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