Monday, November 13, 2006

10 Things Brian Learned at Mobile 2.0

"10 Things I Learned at Mobile 2.0" (by Brian Fling of Blue Flavor) has a great summary about interesting facts on Mobile 2.0 Conference that I still regret I didn't go. I am glad that there're some good web/blog I can read about the conference.

  1. Mobile 2.0 = The Web
  2. The mobile web browser is the next killer app (Mozilla Minimo)
  3. Mobile Web Applications are the future
  4. AJAX is the next frontier
  5. Javascript kills battery life
  6. The Mobile User Experience Sucks/Rules/Is Hot!
  7. Mobile Widgets are the next big thing
  8. The Carrier is the new "C" word
  9. People abuse the Podium
  10. We are creators not consumers

I cannot agree more about mobile user experience. I am sure that everybody who have browsed mobile web sites have encountered some difficulty navigating in some point. User-experience really is a key for handheld devices!

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