Thursday, April 19, 2007

Call cheap with Skype on Fring on Symbian Phones

OK, this is not a new news but my first trial on VoIP call from my mobile phone.

My headset broke, and I had to yell at my PowerBook to be able to talk with my dad via Skype. "HEEELLLOOO DAAAD?" 5 minutes of yelling made me tired. I need a new headset. But instead of buying another brand-new defected made-in-China headset on eBay, I decided to try Skype on mobile handset.

Since Skype hasn't gone mobile yet, I wanted to give some alternatives a try on my wifi'd N80 and just tried for the first time last weekend.

For some reasons, my first choice, iSkoot failed to connect, so after my 5th trials, I uninstalled it and installed Fring. Yay. This worked without any problem for me! I was able to make a call by logging into my Skype account. The sound quality is less than perfect, but so is Skype on desktop. I am pretty satisfied. But to call my dad, who has started losing his hearing a bit, I should just pay for regular phone bill.

fring (beta)


Hasan Bazerbashi said...


It must be exciting to see it worked on your mobile :)

I got E70 and I'm trying to make Fring works on it. I tried WLAN and GPRS but each time it says "Fail to connect, want to try automatic search?..." :(

I will keep on trying.

Tomomi said...

This sounds similar to what happened to me when trying iSkoot. I couldn't get much help online so I switched to Fring.

I hope it's working on your E70 by now!