Friday, January 05, 2007

Search 2.0?

Everything goes 2.0. What's next?
According to Read/WriteWeb, the next 2.0 is a "Search".

This article shows the results of the concepts to beat Google. The top idea of the next generation search is the Artificial Intelligence. Yet there's no true AI search engine on market yet, the closest possible so far is Hakia that I already liked it because more knowledge and news based results, mainly recently posted blog entries, are listed as the search results, and they are quite different from that of Google.

Here's a list of other suggestions:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (e.g. Hakia, Powerset)
  2. People Powered Search (e.g., ChaCha)
  3. Vertical Search (e.g. SimplyHired, Technorati)
  4. Personalized Search (e.g. Collarity)
  5. Clustering (e.g. Clusty, SearchMash)
  6. Social Search (e.g. Eurekster, Rollyo)
  7. Visualization (e.g. Quintura and Kartoo)
  8. Previews (Snap, Live Image Search)


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