Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Google Maps Mobile Beta

Google Map on Nokia 6670

Cool. I just installed a copy of Google Maps Mobile Beta on Nokia 6670 to test.

This sounds like the Google Maps that everybody knows on web, but actually is a stand-alone application that runs on mobile phone, so you don't have to wait for mobithe map to load via slow GPRS connection.

To make it clear, the map on mobile web is now called "Google Local" and differetiate it from the app. It's frustrating to navigate if your phone doesn't equip with Wifi. (Mobile URL: http://mobile.google.com/local)

Anyway, on this Google Maps, You can view the map in satellite view, just like the desktop web version, and also, the feature I like is that you can search some local restaurants and it gives you an option to make a call directly.

A list of the supported devices is here. The device and the provider I am using is Nokia 6670 and Cingular by the way.

If you 'd like to test it on desktop browser, go to Java demo page.

(This blog entry was originally written on Apr.25 for my other blog and copied on Blogger on Sept.26)

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