Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crafty Girls Go Web2.0

I've been a crafty girl ever since I was little. I have made a lot of dolls, stuffed animals, beaded necklaces, hats etc, and I was even a leader of a craft club in my grade school era. When I was unemployed in 2001, I bought tons of inredients and equipments to make soaps, and I spent my free time (= when I was not browseing Dice or Monster) for soapmaking. Since I am such a geek, I even created some online calculatior with girly interface for soapmakers to compute the amount of NaOH.

Therefore, I am happy to find this social networking site for crafty people like me - designestolove.com. Here, you can showcase your designs, share your opinions and ideas and meet people with the same interests. This site provides RSS feeds so you can always get informed with latest additions, but some useful features such as serach or tagging are missing. Since this is still in beta, I hope they will add in future.


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